Innovation Space Technology (IST) was founded in Taiwan since 2014, focusing on various kinds of DME/HME products including cane, walker, rollator, wheelchair, mobility scooter, recreational scooter, wheelchair ramps and electric motor kit which can be applied to multiple tools and devices such as power wheelchair and power wheelbarrow.

With a strong and professional team, we’re equipped with a wide range of knowledge and skills in design, development and manufacturing to meet our customer’s needs through our OEM, ODM and JDM services. Over the years, we have fostered many closing partnerships worldwide including the cooperation with German design team for product design and analysis.

We’re capable of understanding the market situation and delivering the best-value service through our rigorous design process and good quality management. Our team will fulfill your order with quality products in a timely manner to meet your expectations.

Now we’re finding new potential partners all around the world. Welcome to contact us for more discussion and look forward to a prosperous journey together!