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As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Innovation Space Technology specializes in delivering customized solutions for medical mobility equipments and electric motor kits. Whether developing new systems or products, our dedicated design, development and production team will support you throughout your engineering project. Over the years, we’ve been working with some of the largest brands in the world to bring innovative and effective products to market. We’re able to provide finished products and parts based on your specific needs.

Industrial Design (ID)

A good product design is user friendly, functional, aesthetic and producible. Our industrial designers work seamlessly with the engineering and manufacturing teams to enhance the functionality, usability and appearance of your product. This allows us to stay inline with brand and vision, yet inspires greater work throughout.


Our work includes:

  • Electric Motor kits (can be applied on below products):Wheelchair power attachment, power wheelbarrow, power grass cutter, power tractor, E bike, power trash cart, AGV and robot, etc
  • Mobility Aids:Walking aids, rollator, wheelchair ramp, commode, kitchen stool, electric folding scooter, knee walker, hip walker (manual/power)
Mechanical Design innovation space technology OEM/ODM/JDM

Mechanical Design

Before the products are ready for the markets, mechanical design is an essential role of the process in order to ensure the arrangement and functionality of structures and mechanisms within the unit so that it works according to specifications and can be manufactured efficiently and profitably. Innovation Space Technology offers comprehensive design and flexible solutions:

  • Guide you through the development cycle
  • Increased quality and value to products
  • Maximize the product user experience
  • Ensure product functionality
  • Design a manufacturable product
  • Reduced manufacturing costs

Electric Power System and PLC System Design

Innovation Space Technology develops and produces a wide range of power systems including wheelchair power attachment, power wheelbarrow, power grass cutter, power tractor, E bike, power trash cart, AGV and robot, etc. We’re able to provide customized solutions regarding the upper control kits, hub motor, controller, battery and charger.


Package Design​ innovation space technology OEM/ODM/JDM

Package Design

Packaging plays a dual role both in transportation and a brand experience. By using leading 3D design softwares, Innovation Space Technology can:

  • Assist to build and deliver the positive brand experiences
  • Deliver enhanced levels of protection, so you can provide damage-free products
  • Improve cost-efficiency, to help reduce your packaging and transport costs
  • Optimize the packaging for freeing up labour and storage space for more productive use

Design Verification

From the designing, manufacturing process to the final product, verification ensures that a product complies with specifications, regulation implemented, qualification and client’s specific requirements. The design is reviewed over and over and altered as needed during the process.



Tooling is the process of designing the tools to obtain the components and parts required to engage in the creation of products. Innovation Space Technology has advanced tooling capabilities to best support our clients. injection molding, vacuum forming, blow molding, stamping, die casting, forging and extrusion.


Validation plays a critical role in quality management, it reduces errors and makes sure the product can perform effectively and conforms to the user’s requirements, industry standards and regulatory authority guidelines. Before producing in large volumes, properly executing validation in different test conditions ensures the product can actually perform to the level it is designed for in real-world environments.


Patent Check and Application

Patents cover new and useful inventions (product, composition, machine, process) or any new and useful improvement to an existing invention. Innovation Space Technology can help clients on preparing patent applications and check the legal status information.

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