Kick Scooter, Knee Walker, Hip Pain Relief Scooter – Curvin Series

A multifunctional scooter providing a reliable mobility solution

Curvin Series – Kick Scooter, Knee Walker, Hip Pain Relief Scooter


Our curvin series consist of several configurations with one single base: kick scooter, knee walker, and hip walker, which can become motorized by adding the electric motor kits to meet each individual’s needs. It provides a safer and comfortable support to people who have foot or leg injuries or hip operations and helps them to recover while remaining active and mobile. Every single part of the scooter is well-designed ergonomically to ensure the great performance and we hope to provide an innovative and affordable mobility solutions to help people get back in action after injury or surgery and for the recovery period.


  • EASY MANEUVERING: The ergonomic handle design is easy for using. 
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE AND SEATS HEIGHTS: Adjustable range of heights for all human sizes from 1.54 cm to 1.94 cm
  • MATERIAL: Made of steel, providing stable construction for safe driving
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT: The soft padded seat is perfect for sitting while driving and resting.
  • COMPACT SIZE WHEN FOLDED: Its foldable steering tiller makes it easy for transport and the seat can be removable as well.
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Due to its multifunctional footboard, it supports various injuries and brings mobility and fun. 
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: The silver color features a stylish look.

Outstanding Quality

  • High end components
  • All pivot points are supported by plain ball bearings or frictionless high end materials
  • Extremely high brake force by 2 disc brakes
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Arrangement of rods for steering in stainless steel with high end copper joints
  • Main front and rear wheel axle with high quality friction bearings





Electric Kick Scooter with Seat 2
Electric Kick Scooter with Seat
Seat area 280 mm x 280 mm
Seat height adjustable 450 mm – 570 mm
Steering height adjustable 800 mm – 1100 mm
Speed display Set-up 2 kmph (US), 4 kmph (US), 6 kmph
Range 15 miles
Climbing ability 9 degrees
Chassis clearance 95 mm
Turning radius 190 cm
Tire 9.7 inch
Weight without accessory 25 kg /55 lb
Total width 538 mm
Total length 938 mm
Weight carrying capacity 120 kg / 264.55 lb
Battery 36 V 7.8A
Battery weight 2 kg / 4.4 lb
Motor Brushless hub motor with gear, 350 Watt / 36 V
Charger 2A
Frame color Silver
Frame material Steel

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