Wheelchair Power Attachment – 16″ Driving Wheel

An Ideal Solution for Moving without Limits

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Wheelchair Power Attachment – 16″ Driving Wheel

The wheelchair power attachment can take wheelchair users to travel further by transforming the manual wheelchair into a power trike. The wheelchair power attachment combines with the battery, controller, thumb throttle, display, brake, hub motor, power switch, etc and we’re able to provide a unique and customized solution to suit your needs.


Wheelchair Power Attachment Application

Electric Motor Kits

electric motor kits


Voltage 36V
Wheel Size 16″
Tire width (INCH) 2 1/8
Weight capacity 120kg
Watt 350W
Max Torque 20
Waveform control Sine
Single shaft No
Fork Size 135MM
Controller Limit Current 15A(L)
Speed 25kmph
Incline slope degree 6 degree
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