Wheelchair Power Add On – 12″ Driving Wheel

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Wheelchair Power Add On – 12″ Driving Wheel

The wheelchair power add on is an unique solution for wheelchair user’s mobility. It provides electric power and turn the manual wheelchair into a power system to provide users an easier way to propel themselves. Rather than steering the wheels, users can use the handlebars for easier maneuvering. Besides, it allows users to travel longer distances as well. Innovation Space Technology is able to design and provide customized solutions regarding the power system and we can co-develop the product with clients together.


Wheelchair Power Attachment Application

Electric Motor Kits

electric motor kits


Voltage 36V
Wheel Size 12″
Tire width (INCH) 2 1/4
Weight capacity 120kg
Watt 350W
Max Torque 25
Waveform control Square
Single shaft No
Fork Size 120MM
Controller Limit Current 15A (L)
Speed 25kph
Incline slope degree 6 deg.(7)
Motor temperature protection NO
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