Orange Plus Stair Assist Cane, Stair Climbing Cane

A Perfect Stair Aid for Seniors

If you’re looking the similar cane that is suitable for higher users, we recommend the below product:

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Stair Assist Cane – A Stair Climbing Cane to Improve the Safety of Going Upstairs and Downstairs

Stair Assist Cane is designed with strong stability, adjustable height, and comfortable dual hand grips. Perfect solution for seniors to lower the risk of falling down from the stairs.  Stair Assist Cane is an unique design for stairs especially for the seniors. Falling down from stairs is always a big issue especially for seniors due to its serious consequence. It is a great solution for seniors to lower the risk of falling downstairs. It not only provides great stability but also encourages the seniors to walk at the same time.



  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: 12 push button selections for adjusting to accommodate different user’s height and stairs height

    push button mechanism
    push button mechanism
  • COMFORTABLE DOUBLE HAND GRIPS: Featuring dual hand grips design, adaptive for upstairs and downstairs. PU leather has passed the Biological Risk Assessment Test (ISO 10993-5)
dual hand grips (ISO10993-5)
dual hand grips (ISO10993-5)
  • STRONG STABILITY: 4 tips to the ground and stand stably on two staircases to provide great support, and the curved legs create more force are to endure more push down pressure.
curved legs
curved legs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: Made of Aluminum, it’s light and easy to use but also provide strong stability
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: It’s the first stair climbing cane designed for stairs

Suggest Dimensions of Staircases

Suggets dimensions of staircases

Using Stair Assist Cane go upstairs
Using Stair Assist Cane – go upstairs
Using Stair Assist Cane go downstairs
Using Stair Assist Cane – go downstairs


Product Stair Assist Cane – Orange+
Material Aluminum Alloy
Material of grip PU (ISO10993-5)
Overall depth 365mm
Overall width 215mm
Adjustable height 963 – 1106mm
Suggest user’s height 148-177cm
Product weight 1.06kg

Weight Capacity

Packaging Dimensions Inner box: 1pc 33*9*53cm

Outer box: 10pcs/ctn 94*34*55.5cm

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